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From a past FPU graduate…will you be next?

Subject: God Continues to Provide!

We just received a $7777 check in the mail today from Sallie Mae for a settlement they went through with the DOJ. I was eligible because of my brief Air Force service. It turns out that we don’t have mold and our insurance guy was very honest and helpful and provided $5,000 to fix our roof which is more than plenty for us to do that and more. I think I told you about the $4,500 check from a healthcare settlement.

All in all, God has provided over $47,000 from the beginning of this year (2015), including our house settlement with the DOJ.

With this money we’ll be able to pay off all of our collections debt and start paying our car off. He continues to provide extravagantly and more than we need. This is all less than 1 1/2 years from starting the Dave Ramsey course.