Randy & Kellie Reed

Randy & Kellie Reed

Lead Pastors

Randy (816) 522-6368

Kellie (816) 808-7331

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“To everything, turn, turn, turn…”

Sometimes life takes a sudden turn. Yesterday’s normal becomes today’s distant memory – and a new reality arrives unexpectedly. In the Spring of 2014, Kellie and I experienced just such a sudden turn of life and were left wondering, “What now? What’s next?” Our normal came to an end and a new page turned in our lives. Change is never easy and leaving a comfort zone is always uncomfortable. Determined to hear God’s voice we began to recognize, to paraphrase Ecclesiastes 7, that when the landscape of our life changes, God is the architect of both what is familiar and what is unfamiliar…what we see and what we can’t see. Do we trust Him only when it’s easy and makes sense to us? And then, we felt impressed God was saying: “Plant a church.” Wait, what? That takes years of planning! What about finances? What about people? Again we sensed, “Plant a church.”

“…there is a season, turn, turn, turn.”

We both knew we had heard God and suddenly realized He had been preparing us for this adventure for many, many years. The Holy Spirit began to fill our hearts with a deep desire to pursue His Presence and join with others who longed for the same. We said YES to His call and Lift Church KC was launched in the Fall of 2014. God has ignited a passion to declare and demonstrate His love to our city, our nation and even to the nations of the earth. And He has brought together a wonderful group of people to help us build something great for Him. We are one body with many parts…but there’s still room for you! That’s what the missing block in the “L” of our logo represents…YOU!

Randy and Kellie Reed

With over 28 years in ministry as staff pastors at some great churches in Oklahoma and Missouri, Randy and Kellie have hearts to love God and love people, and to bring those two things together in a way that is simple, passionate and real. Randy and Kellie have have been married 38 years and have five wonderful kids — Amy of Kansas City (age 36), Brandon of Denver (age 35), Missi of Oklahoma City (age 32), Elizabeth of Kansas City (age 23) and Tessa of Kansas City (age 21). Plus two incredible grandchildren — Cadence (age 7) of Kansas City and Adeline Grace (age 2) of Kansas City. Originally from Oklahoma City, the Reeds moved to Kansas City in 2002 and have adopted the Kansas City Northland as their home.

Chris & DeeAnn Abke

Chris & DeeAnn Abke


Chris (816) 785-1079

DeeAnn (816) 529-2143

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“Plant a church? Good luck with that!”

That was Chris’ general response when Randy Reed told him where God was leading the Reeds in the summer of 2014. But it quickly became evident to Chris and DeeAnn (well ok, DeeAnn first, then Chris) that God was inviting them to join this adventure and enter a new phase of ministry. The Abkes had led worship ministries at several churches over many years until God led them to step out of full-time ministry and seek Him for a new release of both His presence and a passion for worship. The waiting and wilderness that transpired in the years that followed have revealed, beyond all else, God’s faithfulness and tenacious dedication to keep His promises. Chris and DeeAnn step into this new season of pastoral worship ministry with unbridled expectation that God is going to do something amazing, that only He can get credit for, and that the sound of heaven will be heard at Lift Church. He is worthy!

DeeAnn and Chris have three great kids — Christian (age 23), Hannah (age 21) and Sarah (age 19). DeeAnn is an oncology nurse and is working on her masters degree in Leadership and Management. Chris works in development for Kansas City Rescue Mission and has a degree in Biblical Studies.

Joe & Amber Farage

Joe & Amber Farage


Joe (716) 698-3497

Amber (716) 697-1057

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Welcome Joe and Amber!

Joe and Amber are our newest team members. They moved all the way from Rochester, New York, to be a part of our journey here at Lift Church. They have a heart for teenagers and young adults and embrace them as a vital and important part of the kingdom of God and of Lift. They are redefining the church to the next generation as they minister WITH them and not just TO them. If you have a heart for this upcoming generation, come help Joe and Amber make Lift a rich environment for young people to truly find their place now and not someday “when I grow up.” We can’t wait to see what God is going to do in and through our young people!

Joe has an AAS in IT/Database Management and an AAS in Biblical and Theological Studies. Amber has her Masters in Biblical Counseling and works for Waddell & Reed here in Kansas City. They have been married for 2 years and have a cutie pie puppy named Ellie!

Stewart & Carrie Jeske

Stewart & Carrie Jeske

Financial Director

Stewart (816) 456-0851

Carrie (816) 255-4600

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“Our prayer is to be a blessing to the people we serve.”

Stewart and Carrie are business people and lay ministers. They own two small businesses and have always enjoyed working. Their desire is to see the Church rise up in creativity and entrepreneurship; and companies grow in compassion and character. Integrating “blessing” and “serving” everywhere brings the influence of the Kingdom of God, so that lives are changed. They thrive leading programs such as, The Alpha Course, Financial Peace, Freedom Workshops, Creativity and the Creator, Bible Studies and more. However, at Lift, they sense God weaving together something new. An eclectic group of souls hungry for relevance, belonging and authenticity through relationships in everyday activity. Stewart and Carrie are committed to The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), through the strategic plan of The Greatest Commandment. (Matthew 22:37-39). They’re excited to be a part of the leadership team and are inspired by opportunity all around us. Stewart is a natural servant, who’s learned to be a leader and Carrie is a natural leader, who’s learned to be a servant. They strive to follow the Holy Spirit at work, home and church.

Stewart and Carrie have been married for 30 years. They were Junior High School sweethearts. They have two sons. Byron (age 24), a student at MU School of Law and Braxton Jeske (age 22), a glazing contractor in Springfield, Missouri.

Tessa Reed

Tessa Reed


Tessa (816) 824-4349

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“Our Lil’ Lift program provides a Safe, Purposeful and Affirming atmosphere to our little ones. We strive to teach children how much God loves them and how He is present in their everyday lives!”

Tessa has been directing Lil’ Lift since the summer of 2015. She has such a huge heart for kids and families…especially foster children and their families. Her compassion and love permeates all our Lil’ Lift classes as well as the incredible team she has assembled. It is an amazing thing to demonstrate the love and care of the Father to those who have absolutely no way to return the kindness. God sees it all and blesses teacher and child alike with His presence and power. Come help us pour into to our little ones and be ready to be blown away by His goodness! We are very thankful for the blessing of Tessa in the lives of our Lift families and their little ones!

Tessa currently works as the nanny to a wonderful foster family who she loves dearly and they love her as well. 

Elizabeth Reed

Elizabeth Reed


Elizabeth (816) 204-8994

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